Monday, October 20, 2014

In the life of racing

Saturday was our last flattrack of the season. We found out that it was probably going to be the last one at the IMI complex ever as the place was not helping our promoter do anything. Supposedly we will have new tracks and a series next year so that should be cool. I raced good in the vintage class and took a respectable 3rd. In the 30+ vet class I was leading it way out front on my 450. I saw the white flag and thought: Sweet! Then I thought: shit! My front was tucking hard coming into the first corner of the last lap. It kept tucking and I had all my weight on my hot shoe. I saved it and then instantly tucked it again with no foot under me to save it.
Sunday was the big annual hairscramble. 2 hours of moto track and a 8 mile prepped loam carve fest. I knew I was out of shape having only ridden the knobbies twice this summer so I planned on taking it easy in the vet class and running a solid mellow pace. Well, when the flag droped I fucked that strategy all to hell when I got the holeshot on the whole 50 man pro line and stayed out front for most of the moto track that I had not ridden in two years. Boner-airs to flat landers. Casey McCaseter blew the steering stabalizer. I spent the first half of the race battling the young seasoned pros and the second half of the race trying not to bight of my flopping tung and battling a sever leg cramp. If your gonna be dumb ya better be tough. I only got passed by few young pros and won the vet class. I realize today that my body and mind have a major communication problem and I better get to sorting that one way or another. Happy trails.

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mcnasty_W.O.R_rider said...

good to hear that your still retarded fast, and retarded, and fast.