Tuesday, August 5, 2014

carpe de checkers

Did some flattracking last saturday night at our local Bangin Bars meet. Not on the twin pictured but on good ol Pink to Purple CRF. This was the 3rd set of different style wheels used on this bike in the last month. Pikes Peak- 17"supermotos, Hill climb- 21/18" knobblies, and finally good ol 19" Dt-1 CD5/CD3 stickies. I crashed in one money class heat. Figured out that my rear brake linkage jam nut came loose causing my pedal to be sky high. Higher than Cheech in a space ship. (Thanks Ant!) Any hoo, glad I figured that out because I was having hell getting the 450 through the corners with any kind of smoothness. In the mains I got punted out to the wall and finished near last and In the 30+ class I took the win. So I have won in the last three races I entered in. Kinda cool for a ol married grease monkey that grew up on a farm. All right enough about me, lets talk about me some more :) Time to get ready for Kansas.

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