Wednesday, April 2, 2014

old film

Out with the old, In with the new. Then, back to the old. What is it that makes us enjoy old stuff? The beauty in simplicity? The hands on satisfaction of seeing our work materialize instead of processed into some micro chip? Technology is not bad for it allows us more time to be free to enjoy the things we want. But what happens when all we want revolves around a shiny black rectangle screen that seems to manifest stupidity. Knowledge is power after all. We seek power and we seek freedom so maybe we pick up an old film camera and pay a shit ton of money and spend a shit ton of time to use it so that we feel less captivated by technology. "We" being me and the mouse in my pocket. So... What is about old stuff we (us motorcycling, bicycling, reverbed guitar, cuffed pant, film camera toting, hipsterdipsterdodas) enjoy about old stuff? I ask the mouse. It says click, as i post...

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