Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fender Jag

I love guitars. Especially old ones. A guitar like a bike has a soul (i believe) or at least a story. a history. Something that inspires great interest in me. I collect these things because I am so fascinated by their energy. I also find such pleasure in reviving something that most would discard. Turning an old rat shit bike into a race winner. Taking a bicycle out of the dumpster and easily creating a device of immense fun. This old fender belonged to a close and bereaved friend of my fathers. Life is not always a golden chariot ride Perhaps explaining the condition of the once fine musical instrument. It has been in the condition seen for probably 30 years. It would appear he thought it best to router her out for some humbucker style pick ups. After spending the last few years trying to find the neck lost in a storage container of mystery and wonder (thats a whole nother story all together) I finally have all the pieces to start a resto job. Anybody out there have any resources for such a project? I need pickups and the knowledge to not fuck anything up. Anything worth doing is worth doing correct, however I cant see paying a shit ton for someone else to do it for me.

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