Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Driving around north texas taking pictures of shit on my phone

Last weekend was the last enduro on the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit. It was also co sanction with the Texas club. Them are some fast AA texas racers so I was happy to top ten both days. Specialy caus I aint been in the knobby saddle much this summer. I been siping cold ones at flattrack races mostley. workin in my motor bike shop and werkin on my speeliing-gammer. I am just trying to see how many red dotted lines I can make under what i type. what else can I say. I like to write or type stuff on here and just nice to find the time between motorcycles and making love. blow up them sorry celly telly pics and see if you can see what I see. way of the road. piss jugs. van life. hops not health food. Junior Brown. Travis mother fucking Tritt. s'way she goes. good pure living brothers.


andyrotax said...

That pan handle sure is flat dude!!

747 said...

It sure is Andy. Got some mighty fine red dirt for roosting too.

OILY RAG said...

i dig the rusty old chopped roof rod.
sell for a effin mint over here