Monday, July 1, 2013

The Race To The Clouds. -And shitting in pants.

Well, I'll start with the numbers.
Year 6.
two seconds slower than last year.
1st year not on the podium since rookie year.
3 out of first 5 bikes to leave the start line crash. hard.
2 motorcycle riders take helicopter rides off the mountain. Many more broken with out their smashed machine.

The meat of the 7 day race, I did not expect to win this year.  I also did not expect Honda to send a factory team.  I raced on the same used take off tires I had given to me last year.  Therefor I am not disappointed or surprised in my 4th place finish. 1st place (factory HRC) beating my record by over 30 seconds. This sport is not for the empty bill fold. Though I feel what I have inside more than makes up for my stock dirt bike front brake and lack there of a slipper clutch. I was off pace all week in practice. I crashed on day 3 in a tight switch back corner. In qualifying I lost the front again and some how brought it back and kept it on the road. the day before the race I learned that my front brake was dragging, getting hot and locking up. Not confidence inspiring. Not when minutes before I leave the line I here of flight for life rides and crashed bikes starting forest fires. This is not a race for the concerned with safety. This is real. Hospitals and and coping mechanisms. I count myself extremely lucky and blessed by the moto gods to have the yearning desire to return next year and take back my 450cc world record on the bike I built from junk yard parts. This is why I was put on this wonderful and hard to understand planet.


andyrotax said...

Well done, fine effort, glad you're back in one piece!!!!

Paul Baleta said...

Awesome ride Dood! Fantastic result. A true privateer. Graft an Aprilia Ohlins/Brembo or KTM WP/Brembo setup onto the front and you'll be breakin' that record!

I doff my cap to you, Sir.

747 said...

Thanks fellows!

Nate Gurney said...

Wish I had money to sponsor you!