Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 Went to a supermoto race last sunday, On the way I lost ALL brakes in my truck. Luckily I didnt kill anyone and a tap off of the master cylinder returned some sponge like hydrolics to the system. The Idea was to shake down the Pikes Peak bike a bit in the asphalt only class. I am cheap like the discount rack at goodwill so I had an old shinko on the back that made the bike feel a bit like stepping in fresh goose shit while doing a jumping jack. I figured I would bring my dirt bike out so I could have a go at the supermoto complete course. I put on some old dirt track tires (after unloading it with knobbies and getting some stink eye from the sumo nerds). These DT tires are old.  Like really old. Like Keith Richards old. Enduro set up complete with front fender score card holder did good until I lost brakes yet again for the day and turned another stock sized brake rotor into a salad bowl shaped piece of scrap iron. I think I finished last, almost last and right in front of almost last. A good time was had.

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