Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GT 550 saga

No address zip code or area code for the phone but I reckon it is Federal Blvd, two blocks from here. Any one ever hear of this shop? Is she a local Betty.

99.9% original. ditching the crash bar and needs proper seat cover.

a little carb love needed otherwise in damn nice condition.
Had to sell my beloved green gt550 last month to pay rent. I cried. every day some wanker comes in my shop trying to sell me some piece of shit. "I only service em!" ..."wait did you say two stroke? You want how much? better bring it in and let me take a look." I feel guilty about what I payed for this cherry. I only hope the nip of love does not attract me to the point of not being able to re-sell her. ah fuck who am i kidding...

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