Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Well... I drove sixteen hours and got to the beautiful Knoxville 1/2 mile track 20 minutes before practice started. I somehow got talked into entering the pro twins class and somehow qualified via the last available position. When I pulled off the track I saw the FTWCO van and knew the remainder of the evening would be checkers or wreckers. I forgot to bring water to the track but luckily I had some local IPA brew and despite not eating hardly all day and having one helluva mean head cold, I had the flattrack race of my short slideways career and battled out a 10th and made my first money racing ovals. Super stoked.
Getting to finally meet the FTW crew was gruesomely awesome! I After the race I followed the fellas to the near by Kung Fu Tap and Taco. Van-brigade.  Many shots of different booze, Tacos, barf, party into the the hours of a 24 hour day for me. Pics on the Church blog are proof. I camped in the parking lot for the next two days, Watched my first GNC and cheered on fellow FTW racers Colin Hickman and the king John at a local hairscramble held on a beautiful but dusty track.
 Needles to say I did not get over my head cold and opted to ditch out on driving all the way to Spingfield. With many new friends and a wad of cash for selling my lil Champion tracker I decided to drive home. I did not make it 40 miles before I had to pull over and get some bloody fucking sleep!
Thanks to all that , helped, encureged, fed, and boozed me along the trip!


Garrett302 said...

Great work dude! I'm dang jealous. Cool ya got to meet the FTW guys

Mitch Gallagher said...

Right on travis!You should head out west this weekend for the Gene Romero West Coast flat track series finals at Marysville, CA. sat.15th. All the Reno Wrecking Crew will be there.On sunday after race we are riding a big dual sport rally here in Reno...Mitch #775-530-6599

747 said...

Fuck Yar! I would fucking dig that but I got to move, get my shit out to Denver and figure out how to make money.... go racing and take over the world.

Paul Baleta said...

Racing life! Yeah!