Tuesday, July 17, 2012

meanwhile in western Colorado

under those clouds is Telluride, and brew pubs.

full throttle up and dead engine races down. shit gets a bit hariy

it was monday, technicly a work day so we did some marketing.

rain left the gravel roads better than most flattracks and the trails more slippery than a booger coverd turd.

this is where they filmed true grit. i know what it feels like.
Yesterday I woke up early after a few hours of weekend recovery sleep. I geared up in the stinky closest where i keep my gear and the cat relieves it self when i forget to let it out when i go racing. met up with all the local dirt bike nutters who have license plates and with in minutes we were gaining real altitute heading out of town. This is the annual crazy as fuck anarchy dual sport ride. People usually get big tickets from johny law. sometimes bikes slide into cars on the Red Mountain Pass sections. Multiple jeep and mining roads. 13,000 ft passes. high, high high speeds. I cut the hairpin corner and showerd a mini van cager with gravel. this year we had up to 15 riders at one point. I got a construction worker directing traffic so pissed he tried to knock me off my bike with his little slow/stop sign. fuck them for doing road work on my favorite tarmac section. apperantly the cops were called. I passed on the left, I passed on the right. I passed a state trooper and pinned it. what the fuck is a crown vic going to do when we hit the trails. Shit gets real at the front of the pack so the fellows in the back have to deal with some angry people. the pack thinned to 6 near night fall and we hit some super slippery single track. pushing bikes up tree root infested aspen forrests. 5th gear and i missed a deer by not much, I think it had a tick on its ass. 250 miles. 14 hrs of saddle time. HONDA XR 650 is GOD. I live in western colorado and it is all that. come visit. bring a helmet.


Paul Baleta said...

Absolutely super-frikkin' awesome! Would love to bring a helmet :-)

747 said...

Any time, I got room and could find a bike!