Monday, April 4, 2011

if you aint got a white van you aint shit.

Saturday was the nicest day of the year. Temps is the 80s,  hotter than four ferrets fuckin in a wool sock. The team race was dusty. We started 20yards away from the bikes on foot like a la mans start, i forgot to put my goggles on until i was running to the bike! Goat (my prior year team mate and the former owner of Mick's bike which we were racing) got the holeshot. I caught him by the second turn but was un able to get any where near around him. Two YZ250s in the lead.  i killed the two stroker as soon as we left the moto track but at least i got the bike to Mick in the number two spot as did he the following lap the old yz started to choke on some dirt in the carb creating a "death bog" over whoops and jumps. we got passed by a local mx pro who started off the B line. sandbagger. Took home the number three trophy. Whooped out racing.
Sunday saw temps in the 30s, wind storms and rain ariving at the track along with my white van. As the rain came down we pow wowed in the white vans with pbr and mary jane until the local mc promoters canceled the race. the end.
P.s. I have finished runner up the last three times I have raced this race and the fellow who always beats me never signed up.... year!


Paul Baleta said...

Great result on Saturday! Bummer about Sunday. Well done dood!

Valcom Motorsports said...

Hell Ya...White vans RULE!!!!!!!