Monday, February 7, 2011

RMEC rnd 1 race report

Showed up down their in wickenburg AZ. with a brand new bike and hunger for the high speed desert. shredded hard saterday. the course was a delicious mix of high speed single track and sand whoops. The new red headed steed was a delight to ride, especially at speed. (5th gear has to be somewhere around mach 10)  The high priest of gnar shredding Destry Abbot took the win, second went to my worthy adversary Tyler Gundarman, 3rd Cody Schafer with his isde trophy team gold, 4th the much respected Bernie Frederick and 5th place Jim Koch beat me by 7 seconds......7 seconds after 60 miles. This is the guy that finished the overall last year .6 points behind me but then was rewarded "workerpoints" and got the well deserved AA overall ..AND sportsman of the year trophy, The guy is good..... but i wanted to beat him bad! so sunday morning brought day two and I woke from my ninja dream in the back of my van cuddling a gear bag and spooning my dog Baja ready to do business. KILL EVERYONE! My sidekick Lord Mick gave me his new present from Santa,  go pro helmet cam and sent me out with; lights, camera, action. All was going well and then  about 6 miles into the second loop I encounter one of the few sections capable of holding my bike in 5th gear, I was like a collie with my head out the window grinning a big tongue hangin out snarl smile. High speed thrill section coming to an end, I hit the binders as hard and late as i could ready to dart back off into the cactus infested singletrack.  With forks compressed hard a "no-see-em" rock sent my front end right out from under me and I took a very violent soil sample to the high side. the soil sampled was very hard, rocky, and un friendly.  FUCK!  ... the bike is still running. shake it off! find the bike. grab the clutch. drop a few gears. Just like Willie Nelson im on the road again... wait.... shit hurts, shit hurts bad.... Im trail riding back to the van. FUCK! Worst part is the god damned go pro is gone!?! I shur hope the sweep dudes find it and ship it back to Mick.  My nice new bike is as trashed as i am. Thats off road racing. I found some nice spectators who happened to have channel locks and pliers to pull out some of the choya cactus deeply embedded. One of them was a dentist and he still could not pull it out with out all hands, including mine. Choya cactus poisoning on a nine and half hour drive home sucks.
 Got home at midnight thirty just in time to celebrate my birthday with a late night epsom salt bath to try and soak some of my scabs off before bed. I began to wonder about how serious my buddy's wife who bandaged me up was when she said i could use some stitches on my back and shoulder. I realised she was probably correct when my bath water started to look like tomato soup, which made my choya poisoned stomach almost turn the tomato soup chunky. got a few hours of sleep and spent my beloved birthday monday limping around the shop thinking about the next race..... I cant fuckin wait.
Racing is life.  Happy trails, newbold 747


Anonymous said...

Thats one nice lookin tube in the background.

747 said...

yeah, that was why i decided to buy this double wide.
thats where i make the tomato soup.
my back is all sorts of cool colors today!

Paul Baleta said...

Shit! Doesn't look too comfy. Hope you heal up soon dood. Loving the race report.

Paul Baleta said...

oh... and Happy Birthday!

Sideburn Magazine said...

You're a legend! Are you coming to England? I heard a rumour. G

papawor203 said...