Sunday, August 22, 2010

desert racing in new mexico

The rmec enduro saterday was hot and i had leg cramps on only me second loop painfull enough to make me scream like a little school girl on her first acid trip. sucked. I won my class and at least finished, 6th overall. sunday saw that a lot of saterdays racers decided not to race the two hr webe hairscramble. lucky for me i ate a shit load of water melon and was recharched and ready for action. got 3rd overall and even more better is that the super fast Kieth Johnson pulled out with heat stroke leaving me in the pro points lead going in to the final round. Mick won the 250A class on his two stoker and almost won the overall A. if they gave style points he would have won. long live the broke dick racer

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NatE said...

You awsome. nuff said