Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dirtquake 2!!!

Just like Wally says in Winners Take All... "Its pandemonium!"
For this I am looking forward to greatly!

Project Big Bopper complete

This barn find Schwinn is finally ready for cruising in style. Barn find, however it was my step father's (still has his name tag license plate affixed with the original bailing wire. I dug this thing out of the grandparents home ranch shed rafters about 8 years ago. I bolted on some old bent renthals, fresh white walls and a basket for Baja to ride in and rode it to work with her every day for a summer. I remember once riding Baja down the bike path and for some brilliant reason i was drinking a 40 oz in broad day light. one hand on the bars as i went to get around a family on foot, with Baja's extra weight in the basket and one hand on the beverage I waded it up. Must have looked brutal because the father of the family started screaming at me, I showed him my un-spilled 40 and told Baja to load up and away we cruised. 
Any hoo, after such derelict debauchery, lack of any bearing grease and a trip to the Minimoto SX in Vegas the bike was once again retired. After moving to Denver, I realised I need this bike. The city needs this bike. New seat, bars, pedals and some grease and lots of bearing love, a whole lot of New Departure hub puzzleing brain busting and bam. gotsa a big version on a sting ray. I is like riding a really tall and drunk horse.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

shop dog

Tommy's Triumph Shop and Newbold's Motobike Shop

Thanks for the support Cowboy! I Just got my acceptance letter for pikes peak. I was a little nervouse after some of the hate mail I sent them about raising the entry fee so much but with brothers like you aint no thing but a chicken wing. Lets go racing!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 bangin bars schedule

747 flying high on flier. Yee Haw!

Rainbow falls ice racing

This smoker has some cool bikes. They canceled the last few rounds due to climate change.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad gas kills, Two stoke oil saves.

So this GT750 sat for some 30+ years untouched. Something about a divorce and a 30 year separation between father and son and upon reuniting this bike was dug out of hibernation. It sat in a dirt floor airplane hanger. It was trucked to my shop from Ohio. I had to drag it rather than roll it onto my lift. Trying to remove the center carb's float bowl with the tap of a screwdriver handle resulted in a float bowl that shattered like sugar glass. I spent some time making dirty sweet love to the carbs and with a new set of breaker points this ol bitch fired right up on the very first kick.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kermit the Kawasaki

Another race bike built for under $500. Lets go to the track! this is the first bike out of my new shop. Started out as a 93 KX250 motocross bike my neighbor down the road from my family ranch had. We rode together in high school, daring each other to jump over irrigation ditches and sometimes we even made it out the the local moto cross track and sometimes we even got trophies in the open beginner class. He lunched a piston and rebuilt it and never cleaned out the bottom end and ended lunching another top end. rebuilt it again and this time it hemorrhaged pieces out through the bottom of the case. it sat for a long time. We started a punk band and recorded some tapes and played some local shows. I had a different colored mohawk every time. It was fun, real fuckin fun. then we went to college. everybody started to get a little too high and fucked up on other shit so I left the band and went to motorcycle mechanic school. the kx ended up going to another one of the band members in a state of disassembled heaps. it sat for another long time. after 13 years it was offered to me. third band member to get it passed along to like a poorly rolled joint. it was given to me by the same former band member that gave me the xs650 i chopped and destroyed and recently had to sell to pay shop rent in the slow season. so long story long: I welded the cases back together like i imagine ragedy Ann's crotch may look like, spent time on ebay finding all the missing power valve parts and bits and made some of the other shit from scratch and bam! another fucking cycle I cant wait to throw a leg over and cut laps like a samurai sword/ mexican machete/ swedish fucking chainsaw. the end. ...for now.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ice ice baby

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful place for a race track. The harry Roamers MC is the oldest club in the state and they have been putting on these races for over 40 years.

Davey Durrell's proper bare tire bike. He cut his teeth on the ice before becoming a top GNC racer and king of the hill at Pikes Peak. The little dude shreds harder than an iron wood knot.

Mike races the bare tire class on unmodified dt tires on his KX500.... Sketch balls!

This too

Big bad ass mutha fucka


Saturday, January 12, 2013


Two plane tickets on my credit card. Dreams becoming reality. Life is an ouster, crack that mother fucker open and eat the shit out of it!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Best of 2012 Classic Flat Track by KerrGraphix

Pink to purple made the cut.

93 KX 250

Project green meany Is taking form. stashed in the rape room where it is some what heated. Sorry about the crap picture but is fucking cold in here and I have no patience nor better excuses.

Make me proud boys

While occupying the bar at the airport (what else is there to do in Hayden Colorado ((Home (((Home))) over the holidays I spotted Free Loader Freddy and his knuck tatts. Team W.O.R. is: Team Whooped Out Racing. Created by Uncle Brian and yours truly some time ago. The Team flourishes.
Lord Ian's new scooter sports the super fresh logo decal of the coldest and coolest shop. Fuck yeah!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sketchy Paint Booths, By Travis Newbold

You would think after the severe mental redardation suffered in my last indoor paint set up I would have learned my lesson. With temps in the shop below freezing and the outside alternative being a populated urban bustle of enviro friendly people this super safe set up is my pro paint booth. HVLP spay gun, copper ground wire (futile attempt to arrest static sparks), electric heater. Respirator fit on bushy grizzly bear beard. Meth is for champions. I dont do meth! but that fridge did have some beer in it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I know the year is barely in it's infancy but this is the season of planning and looking forward ahead. I am glad the holidays are over and even more glad that the daylight is growing every day. With out the cold, dark winter summer would never mean so much. This year is looking to be fun to say the least.
Racing is a feast I hunger for like a drooling fat fuck of a starved beast.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Motorcycle Short Film - Chop Dreams 2012 - read by Charles Bukowski

Dont forget to check out the motorcycle video of the day HERE!

Where's the beef?

The last two resto jobs that have come out of the shop have not had engines. Pedal power. Back to where my two wheeled wrenching started. Old p.o.s. Raleigh and my Mom's old Motobecane that my Dad (who coached a US Cycle Team rider) fully tricked with Campagnolo accessories and Phill Wood sealed bearing hubs over thirty years ago. I have been told my Mom won the Tour De Steamboat on it. I was also told she made spectators scatter. I am my parents son. I like bikes. Back to the bench I go for the next internal combusting, Castor burning, 520 chain slanging 2smoker project.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

For what

Had to sell my GT550 for the sake of this game we call life. They come and they go. This was my first love that didnt have knobblies so it is hard to not feel a bit of bitter loss. But just as I enjoyed the 12 years and 20,000 miles hopefully someone else will enjoy here crackling smokey stinger pipes. I will never forget the first time I discovered her torque and ability to rip wheelies like a little dirt bike. And then their was the time I drove it half way through the garage wall into the living room trying to impress a girl doing a burnout with a flat rear tire (Thanks for the drywall help Willy). Phoenix to the Rockies, What good memories. With the loss of her comes the ability to pay some bills, Newbold's Motorbike Shop is my dream to live.
Nothing worth having comes easy.